Services to shop for

Welcome to our “online shop” or to be more precise, our service request page. Here you can choose a service and package, either for photography or videography, or both, see exactly what it will cost you, with no obligation to use us.

It basically works like this:

  • You choose the service you need and add it to the shopping basket
  • After you added the service you can view your service request by clicking on “view cart”
  • Here you will see a summery of your service request and you can click on “proceed to checkout”
  • On this page you will fill in your details in order for us to┬ácontact you, you will then click on “place order”
  • After this step you will again get a summery of your service request and a email will be send to you and to us to confirm the request.
  • After we received your request we will contact you either by calling you or emailing you to find out more about your special day, if we confirmed we are available on the date, an invoice will be send to you with our banking details.

At no point will we ask you for your banking details on this website so you will never be forced to use us as a company. The shop is just there to help you browes through our services at your leisure and make informed decisions about what you want for your special day.

If you would prefer to contact us the old fashioned way you are welcome to give us a ring.

Please choose your service